Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Story Starters {Hump Day Highlight}

Sooooooo as the weather here in Ohio has froze the majority of us into our homes, 
TpT has decided to thaw us out with the heroes sale!! Make sure to empty your wish lists, shout out what you purchase, and enjoy saving some hard earned cash!

I'm hoping that we have school today! We have had one day of school in the past week and a half due to these windchill temperatures!!

 I can't wait to introduce my kiddos to these little cuties for journal and writing time!
and I can't wait to share them with you for....

Who, What, When, Where and Verb Story Starters! These one word story starters help kiddos start a story and end it with their imagination! 

I have used cards for years, but they always get mixed up and unorganized. I thought this would make it easier to set up and it's more appealing. 

I've used them by:
Pick a Page
Students pick a page in each set to add to their story.

Random Page
Students have to use a random page from each group to add to a story.

Load 'em Up
Students try to fit as many of the cards as they can into their story, but making sure that it still makes sense!

I printed each type of word on a separate color. (It makes my OCD brain calm and happy hehe)

After cutting
65 who cards
83 what cards
11 when cards
23 where
17 action verbs

I bound them together to create the booklets....
These colors just make me happy! I hope the kiddos like them as much as I think they will!!
Comment with how you would use them in your classroom!

Supplies that I used are available on!

Tell us what you are doing in your room this week by linking up!!

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